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Funds Management
IIG’s investment funds are ideal vehicles designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals, high net worth individuals & institutional investors. Our understanding of local MENA economies, industries and cultures helps us to develop relationships over time in addition to helping us in our objective of delivering what our customers want most i.e. access to a wide range of Islamic investment opportunities, consistent risk-adjusted performance and solid consistent returns over time.
Portfolio Management

IIG’s investment approach begins by working closely with its clients to identify their long-term goals, risk tolerances and to understand the nature of their existing asset base.

IIG then seeks to develop long-term asset allocation strategies (Islamic) and works with each client to implement an appropriate strategy that will help each client meet its objective. Additionally, IIG reviews each client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluates possible adjustments in response to economic changes, market trends or client needs.

Assets under management stood at US$ 722 Million at the end of June 2008.
Corporate Finance
Advisory Services
Financial Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence processes ensure that all parties involved in a transaction, as buyers or sellers, are assured that the financial information of the transaction is as accurate as possible, thereby rightly pricing the transaction. In addition our processes identify and focus attention on factors in the transaction/business that will be critical to its future success.
Financial Feasibility
We apply our economic skills to provide our clients with clear insights into the markets that they wish to enter, enhancing their ability to execute a successful launch. With access to research databases, we are able to build detailed, quantitative models based on our client’s expressed preferences.
Valuation Consulting
Valuing all or part of a business requires understanding and analysis of a variety of complex factors. These include both detailed technical knowledge of value drivers and in-depth industry expertise. Our valuation professionals assist to achieve a thorough understanding of the value of each business or asset in a transaction. Our technical expertise combined with our in-depth GCC industry knowledge allows us to understand the specific factors driving each individual transaction.
Investment Banking Services

At IIG we continually endeavour to offer our clients & prospects innovative Islamic Sharia’a Compliant Investment products. Our offered products could result from mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, issuance of equity or Islamic debt capital, or a combination of these. Our strong GCC relationships, coupled with our unique understanding of GCC economies and industries, help us consistently deliver high quality Islamic products, advice and service time and again.

Our venture capital professionals assist clients raise funds and diversify capital sources by accessing the local, GCC and MENA markets. They provide assistance in further developing the business case, identifying a strategic partner, if required, incorporating the company, raising capital through equity private placements or debt, procuring the necessary licenses, and finally delivering solutions tailored to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Whether executing IPO’s or private placements, we offer clients’ advice and sophisticated solutions on valuation, legal and financial restructuring and documentation. We originate, structure and execute public and private placement of equities. With distribution capabilities in every MENA market, we work to help clients get the most value from the transaction.
GCC Listing Advisory Services
Liquidity, transparency, access to capital are few of the drivers that are driving private companies in the GCC region to obtain listing of their company shares. With our extensive experience and strategic partners operating in the GCC region, IIG offers listing advisory services on any of the GCC exchanges. We advise the management of companies seeking to list their companies, our opinion on the opportune timing of listing, prevalent listing regulations, documentation requirements and submission deadlines.

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